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Yoga For Beginners

Your first step towards a flexible, strong and great looking body.

Beginning yoga can be a very daunting task. But the truth of the matter is that the most difficult part is simply showing up. I can assure you that once you have made it in our doors, you will feel right at home.

Please don't worry if you feel out of shape or inflexible or even a bit reserved. We are here whole-heartedly to serve you.

I hear it all the time. People tell me that one reason they are apprehensive about starting yoga is because they are not very flexible. But let me ask you this: If you were beginning a language course, perhaps learning to speak Spanish, would the teacher expect you to already know how to speak this beautiful language? I don't think so. We expect you to come just as tight as you are and we can show you splendid ways to open.

professional yoga
professional yoga

Our Slow Flow classes may be perfect for you. We will teach you how to breathe in ways that will help you find immediate relief and openness of body, mind and spirit. We will also show you how to carefully move the body in respectful and non-harming ways that will help you find a quickening approach to increased flexibility, strength, and peace of mind.

We only ask that you honor your own personal abilities. Every day is different. And every body is different.

Together we hope to help you recognize just how open you actually are. We are here to serve you. And we welcome you to our home.

Nuestra casa es su casa!

The Quality of Your Life. The Peace of Your Mind.

We are not only the perfect place for a peaceful respite from the hectic pace of life, but also a great opportunity to empower and strengthen your body.

Many open-minded men and women have already enjoyed our massages and yoga classes, feeling healthy, rejuvenated and confident.

Join them now, you deserve it!