Wednesday 4/17 Candlelight Yoga 6pm cancelled this evening. See you next week .  

How to be at peace now? By making peace with the present moment. The present moment is the field on which the game of life happens. It cannot happen anywhere else.”



Who we are & what we do

At HEALTHWAYS Yoga, we know it’s possible to have fun, laugh and feel inspired through the practice of yoga. We promote skillful alignment, creative sequencing and mindful breathing at our yoga studio. Our teachers are highly trained, professional yoga instructors who are enthusiastic about sharing yoga’s power to connect, transform and elevate your life during each class. We offer authentic teachings from the heart of experience and inspiration of our own personal practice and evolution of yoga. Let's just say that, we LOVE yoga!


The highly regarded HEALTHWAYS Therapeutic Massage & Wellness Studio is located within Orchard Hills Athletic Club in Lancaster, MA. Non-club members are welcome! Click here for further details and directions.


Our professional staff of highly skilled, fully licensed massage therapists are also all members of the American Massage Therapy Association and other national organizations. Our approach to providing treatment ranges from advanced clinical pain treatment to general relaxation and stress management. We are dedicated to helping you repair, relax and unwind....

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When we take time to connect to ourselves, we, too, have so much more to give! To ourselves, to those we love, and to our world.